The Israeli society and everyday life is filled with military presence on the street in advertisements , on buses, government campaigns and so on. Youth facing recruitment presence more prominent, in the recruited school system, the orders and tests before recruitment, the Army days, the Gadna (one week of basic army training in the 11th grade)...


And in this reality, we as young people are expected to enlist together with the rest of our classmates, without understanding why we are drafted, without thinking about the possibility of not being drafted, and generally without asking questions.


The purpose of the youth groups is providing tools for critical thinking, to raise questions related to the everyday political reality, to think about social change, what it means and where all that meets us?


In addition, the New profile youth groups try to raise the questions that bother us before recruitment, the moral dilemmas, the personal dilemmas and what bothers us about the military, but not only. In the groups we talk about treatment to women in society and the army, animal rights, the occupation and the attitude towards Arabs in Israeli society, the social gaps in the country (in and outside the Army), the education system values which educates us all and every issue that members of the group raise.


The groups meet in Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv once a week and facilitated by two members of New Profile.