Young Israelis resent occupation
Refusal, Shministim, Udi Nir
‘Make moral choice, dodge draft’  
Refusal, Omri Evron, Shministim
Conscientious objector to IDF service jailed 
Refusal, Shministim, Udi Nir, Sahar Vardi
Sahar Vardi: An Israeli Refusing to OppressBy Neve GordonEighteen-year-old Sahar Vardi is currently in an Israeli military prison. She is being punished for the crime of refusing to be conscripted into the Israeli military.
Refusal, Shministim, Sahar Vardi
A summer camp for political dissenters in IsraelAt Alternative Camp, draft dodgers and declared conscientious objectors hope
summer camp, youth, Refusal