Rela Mazali

Rela Mazali (7/3/13)
“‘And What About the Girls?’: What a Culture of War Genders Out of View,” Nashim:A Journal of Jewish Women’s Studies and Gender Issues, (forthcoming 2003).An analysis of how Israel's militarized culture marginalizes and erases risks to, and act
gender and militarism
Rela Mazali (23/2/13)
 The following article was published in German translation in the Swiss feminist journal Olympe as:  Rela Mazali, "Widerstand gegen Militarismus und Besetzung: Feministinnen in Israel praktizieren Demokratie," translated by Shelley Berlowitz, Olympe: Feministische Arbeitshefte zur Politik, Heft 25/26, 2007.  
militarism and feminism, women refusal, refusers
Rela Mazali (23/2/13)
The following piece is abbreviated, adapted and updated from a keynote speech at the conference: Jewish Unity for a Just Peace, May 5-7, 2001, Chicago. 
Rela Mazali (7/2/13)
What to do when the country I live in totally loses its compass? Totally loses its shame?
militarism and economy, Public Refusal, Wars and the Occupation
Rela Mazali (4/10/11)
Military men and institutions enjoy enormous privilege in Israel. Just take a look at the CV's of Israeli Prime Ministers and cabinet ministers. In the past decade, every Chief of Staff of the Israeli army has become a government minister within a year after leaving the army. In the last and the upcoming (2003) elections, both candidates for Prime Minister were/are ex-generals. Security, so-called, is prioritized in the national budget. In 2002, security spending in Israel amounted to 12% percent of the Gross Domestic Product; one of the highest figures in the world. In the US, for instance, it is 3.5%. In the major NATO countries it never exceeded 3%, even at the height of the cold war. Forty percent of Israel’s security budget is spent on the salaries of career soldiers, almost exclusively men, who are entitled to retire with full pension rights at age 45, and who then go on to a second career in politics or business, through the “swinging door” leading from the army to high-power jobs.
militarization, Occupation
Rela Mazali (13/5/99)
Israelis often describe their society as "child-oriented". Given the evidence, is this indeed the case? Or is it in fact a society that devalues children and youth?
militarism in the family