militarism and feminism

Rela Mazali (23/2/13)
 The following article was published in German translation in the Swiss feminist journal Olympe as:  Rela Mazali, "Widerstand gegen Militarismus und Besetzung: Feministinnen in Israel praktizieren Demokratie," translated by Shelley Berlowitz, Olympe: Feministische Arbeitshefte zur Politik, Heft 25/26, 2007.  
militarism and feminism, women refusal, refusers
New Profile (7/2/13)
In Israeli public discourse, military service is often associated with equality: The call to force conscription on social groups that resist or avoid it goes under the slogan of “equal sharing of the burden” (there is, apparently, only one burden to bear in the Israeli society), and even under the slogan of “equality in blood”.
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