Recruitment and Refusal

In the face of a militaristic society which glorifies military service and idolizes conscription, each year tens of thousands of young men and women choose not to take part in the Israeli army. In fact, only about half of the eligible citizens enlist, and many more leave during their service. There are many reasons for this wide ranging phenomenon - economical, political, ideological, religious and medical reasons as well as a refusal to join an oppressive, chauvinistic and violent program. Military service is a burden on many (and an asset for a few) and refusal and avoidance of military service is a complicated issue, not as cut and dry as the media would portray it.
This section of the site features a discussion of the question of the obligation to serve and the notions at it’s core. We will also feature young women and men who have chosen not to serve.
And by the way, The counseling network for refusers and avoiders provides information and support for those who’ve decided not to enlist or leave the army. Feel free to get in touch!
Shani Werner (31/12/02)
When we wrote our first Seniors’ (Shministim) Open Letter (in the summer of 2001), we wrote it all together – young women and men draft resisters. It didn’t occur to us then to ask ourselves whether both kinds of resistance (women’s and men’s) belonged together.
Adam Keller (4/12/02)
Continuation of the Court Martial of The Five