Suspend US Military Aid to Israel

New Profile – Movement for the demilitarization of Israeli Society, is a growing group of people working for Israel's de-militarization. We believe that we need not go on living in a soldiers’ state; that Israel is capable of a determined and true peace politics; that it need not be a militarized society; that we ourselves, our children, our partners, need not go on being endlessly mobilized. It is our understanding that the state of war in Israel is maintained by decisions made by our politicians – not by external forces to which we are passively subject. While taught to believe that the country faces threats beyond its control, we now realize that the words “national security” have often masked calculated decisions to choose military action for the achievement of political goals. We are no longer willing to take part in such choices. We will not go on enabling them by obediently, uncritically supplying soldiers to the military which implements them.


The members of New Profile firmly support the call for the suspension of US (military) aid to Israel, pending Israeli compliance with international human rights law, and its discontinuation of wholesale human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


We are predominantly Jewish Israeli citizens. We believe that the steady incoming flow into Israel of US arms, financed by US military aid, and shored up by US civilian aid, is playing a major role in escalating the present “low intensity war” in our area. The state of Israel is committing severe and large scale violations of the human rights of an entire civilian population. These acts, which cannot reasonably be characterized as acts of defense, are facilitated and funded by US aid and US manufactured arms.