Seif Abu Seif - Druze refuser being held in isolation in military prison

Seif Abu Seif , 18 years old from Shfar'am, was sentenced to 15 days in military prison #6 for conscientious objection (this is his first term). his refusal to join the Israeli Army is ideological as well as religious. on Monday 9/12 he was sent to isolation for his refusal to cut his hair as military protocols demand. His refusal is religious and the military is unwilling to consider it and exempt him from his duty, as they often exempt Jewish orthodox detainees from cutting their hair on religious grounds.


The conditions in the jail isolation are harsh, he told Adv. Rawan Eghbariah from New Profile:

1. The windows of the cell are open 24/7 and he is not allowed to closed them, even in the cold wintery weather. the wind and the rain come through them and water are leaking on to his bed.

2. The concrete floor is swamped from the rainy water, he is not allowed to clean them.

3. During the day, (5:00 am until 11:00 pm), the three blankets he sleeps with are taken from him. The cell does not have any other source of heating.

4. The florescent lamps are left on 24/7.


In addition we have just learned that the military has informed Seif’s family that all visits are cancelled until he complies with the orders and cuts his hair.


We sent numerous letters asking for the removal of Seif from the isolation cell and yet he is still there.


For further information about Seif or any of the other conscientious objectors currently in jail, feel free to contact us.


Shahaf Weisbein

Coordinator of the Refusers’ Counseling Network - New Profile

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Adv. Rawan Eghbariah

Legal Aid Coordinator - New Profile

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Maisan Hamdan

The Group against Compulsory Service

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