activists took part in a protest in front of military prison

Dozens of activists took part in a protest on Saturday 14/12/13 in front of military prison no. 6 (near Atlit), showing their solidarity with Druze draft resisters currently imprisoned, and against the compulsory service imposed on young Druze since 1956.


The protest was organized by "The Group Against Compulsory Service" and was held on one of the hills of Mount Carmel which is located directly across from the prison, allowing the prisoners to see and hear the protesters. This protest was organized after last week a number of young Druze refused to serve in the Israeli army. Some of them, including: Omar Sa’ad and Seif Abu Seif (held in Prison no. 6) and Mahmoud Sa’ad and Nizar Abu-Hammoud (held in Prison no. 4 in Zrifin), decided to go public with their refusal,  while others preferred not to publish their names due to personal reasons.


It is important to note, that draft resister Seif Abu Seif from Shafa'amr has been imprisoned for six days and is being held in isolation under substandard conditions, especially given the cold weather, as a punishment for refusing to cut his hair according to army provisions. He stated that his refusal to cut his hair is for religious reasons and the traditions of the Druze community (Nad'r). But the army will not respect his religious convictions, while simultaneously they recognize and allow the right of religious Jews to exercise their religious customs which include keeping their long sidelocks or payot.


Recently, we are witness to an increase in the number of draft resisters, particularly those who decided to publicly declare their refusal to serve in the military. Furthermore, the Group confirms that there is also an increase in the number of young Druze requesting assistance and guidance in regard to refusing military service and avoiding the draft.


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Omar Sa’ad’s declaration of draft refusal:


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