anonymous (24/2/13)
When I told my mother I was going to resist the draft because I’m a feminist, she said, “If you’re a feminist, go be a fighter pilot.” Her response didn’t surprise me, but it bothered me a lot. People tend to see feminism as an attempt to prove that “we can do it too.” They don’t get the message that means the most to me: Feminism is a struggle against oppression. All oppression.
anonymous (23/2/13)
I can’t remember exactly when I decided I wasn’t prepared to take an active role in the army. I remember I started talking about it, I decided to open up questions that I was afraid to ask, hard questions that the society I lived in always took for granted, as pre-determined.
anonymous (17/2/03)
My own life story is in many ways the embodiment of the militarization process endemic of Zionist Israeli society since its first generation in Palestine.