Ruth L. Hiller

Ruth L. Hiller (2/7/14)
Recently I received a petition, created by a group of 40 mothers, stating very clearly, “We do not wish to hand our boys to the IOF” (Israeli Occupation Forces), and calling for social responsibility and the end of Israel’s occupation of Palestine.
Ruth L. Hiller (16/3/13)
All facets of refusal may be instrumental in changing the conscription process and refusal to serve in the Israeli military is not always the outcome of opposing the Occupation. It takes courage and demands fortitude and wide support.
Public Refusal
Ruth L. Hiller (13/11/12)
Most Israelis believe that an ongoing state of emergency is justified, and that a large conscript and reservist military will help
criminalization of dissent
Ruth L. Hiller (5/6/12)
MK Miri Regev’s recent racist rant hit a nerve with me. She described the African asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan, now in Israel , as a “cancer in Israel’s body”. I have to admit, as a recent breast cancer survivor, this made me cringe.
Ruth L. Hiller (5/5/12)
The question of what is the difference between refuser and refusenik has come up quite a bit, and I just thought that now is as good a time as any to set the record straight.
draft resistance, Refuser Solidarity Network
Ruth L. Hiller (13/6/01)
My story is in many ways started out as a very common one. But it turned into one that is very unique. I would like to share it with you today.