Militarized Parenthood in Israel

Ruth Hiller, mother of 6 and grandmother of 8, is a longtime peace activist and one of the original founders of New Profile, The Movement to Civilize Israeli Society. New Profile is a feminist group of men and women working to de-militarize society in Israel, to end Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land conquered in 1967, to generate a life-preserving, egalitarian, humane society. Today she serves as New Profile’s international network coordinator. Four of her sons have refused to serve in the Israeli military. Her oldest son, Yinnon, was the first pacifist in Israel to get an exemption from the military via an appeal to the High Court of Justice. This was a-six-year struggle with the military and through the courts. It is an unique story in the history of refusal in Israel. Ruth has published several reflective pieces on this process and on her involvement in New Profile, in English, German, and Italian venues.